Tom Krasny


My work involves researching and reflecting on the psychological and social implications of life in a conflict zone on individuals and communities. Raising empathy towards the individuals affected, and showing another side of the story, perhaps a more compassionate one, is an important part of the work I create. I believe in the ability of art to raise awareness to the construction of historical narratives and the way the past is told and communicated through visual representation of information. As part of my project “Made in UK” which is presented in the MFA degree show, I have been working with non-gallery sites and contexts, to actively change and broaden the way the story of craftsmen interned in Knockaloe WW1 camp is represented.


  • Made In UK, Installation view
  • Spy Fever
  • Charles Matt’s Mallet
  • Charles Matt’s Mallet
  • Oh Knockaloe
  • Correspondence with Isle of Man government