Jungmin Lee



2015~2017 Glasgow School of Art. MFA.
2010~2012 Graduate School of Hong-Ik University. MFA. Department of Painting
2005~2009 Hong-Ik University. BA. Department of Painting


A Camel Is A Horse – Transmission, Glasgow
Interim show – Reid Gallery, Glasgow
Diamonds & Pearls – Project space 2, Glasgow
War I an exhibition – BAaD gallery, Glasgow
Korea Sports Art – Seoul Olympic Museum , Seoul
Human Movement – Gallery 89, Paris
City and People, Gyoha Art Center, Seoul
Korea Sports Artist 12, Mokspace, London
Gwang hwa moon International Art Festival, Sejong Art Hall, Seoul
Danwon Art Festival, Danwon exhibition hall, Seoul
Collector Hong’s Market, Seo Gyo Art Space, Seoul
Young Artist, Gallery Dor, Seoul
16 Sentiment, Gallery Golmok, Seoul
New Artist Art Festival, Gong pyeong Gallery, Seoul
Blickwechsel Art Project, Coesfeld Kunstverein, Coesfeld, Germany


2011 Danwon art festival – special award
2009 Seoul Dong dae mun-gu public art competition– The first rank
2008 Seoul city gallery project competition –The second rank
2008 Seoul public signboard competition – special award


2016 Dumfries House – Scotland


I’m interested in the collective movement made by a large number of people within a miniature world of painting. Their collective power generates various kinds of action and reaction, as the power becomes more divided.
In addition, their cultural backgrounds, rules, and customs can also change them.

I recognize that the physical world is a multilayered entity with countless worlds. For example, playing sports change the rule and roles of people.
In my paintings, I attempt to split the real world and construct my own miniature space, observing collective power in the space.

My motivation for building my miniature world is to set a new background, new roles, and rules.
The meaning of my miniature world construction is to set a new background, new roles, and rules.
Specifically, I borrow the theatrical stage and apply the rules of group games and to it.
In other words, I take our reality into the split composition of the painting and observe it and create a metaphor at the same time.
I catch the invisible energies of people that are always changing in different background and rules.
I visualize and create psychological observations such as the intermixing, collision, and negotiation between the collective power and the individual power.




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