Josedgardo Granados

Born 1980, San Salvador, El Salvador


My on-going artistic research reflects on temporality and reflexivity through the absorption and reflection of light in ambient space. Illumination imbues abstract works with the potential to create a reflexive coexistence between viewer and object. Through a labor-intensive and multi-layered process, a drawing surface is intuitively and elaborately developed by continuously reorganizing a composition. Unforced forms materialize and coalesce, attaining formal balance counterpointed by spatial incongruity. The substrata of medium give tactility and sculptural weight to a work whilst bracketing the luminous surface and activating its architectural surroundings. The accreted rhythmic strokes of graphite visible on the surface form iridescent layers that enigmatically conceal the gestural pentimenti of past colour compositions. These superposed configurations form a vacuous and obscure palimpsest within the spatial depth of the picture, making it unnerving to penetrate. The absorption and reflection of light synthesizes the inner pictorial dissonance with the outer pictorial dynamism of the work within a space, dissolving the edges and choreographing a viewer to move about an artwork. By taking subjective experience to the edge of the verbal through indistinguishable allusions to recognizable forms; I hope to create a paradox in which the art object alludes to the leisure of looking and the labor of making.



  • Installation view
  • Disintegrated Dream
  • By Myself
  • Passive Epigone
  • Installation View
  • Installation View