Finas Townsend III

b. 1987


Not to label myself as a modernist sympathizer, but I’ve learned to appreciate/realize that certain proposals in painting since then. . . .were of delightfully rude necessities. Malevich’s ‘blackisms’, Pollock’s chronic-masturbatory technique, and also Warhol’s ‘silverisms’ which included various tones of urophilia, homoeroticism and illicit consumption. . . .just to name a few. In all, I view these behaviours as mere paradigms of how to continue this tradition of ‘irreverence-in-colour’. However, it is the context of ‘today’ that is to be exploited; a context containing certain resources and subject matter that were previously made unavailable to my painting colleagues of the past.



  • Sara(And All The Reasons Why She’s Not The One To F**k With)
  • Production of the most accurate images of Glasgow. . . .for fuck sake!
  • (exhibition view)
  • Black Factory. . . .or whatever Andy would call this.