Catalina Barroso-Luque


I am interested in the excitement and impending boredom of the object world, in relation to sense experience and inter-personal relationships. I am also interested in how physical interactions, whether material or spatial, can function as a foil for a relationship to others. This takes form within the making of objects as much as via the relocation of the art object, and the material gestures that made it, into writing. Attempting to draw a set of objects with words sometimes results not in the representation of a separate entity but in having words became the object. Likewise, objects, characters, and bodies are thus pushed through narrative space, to then be re-embodied and materialized within the printed object’s formal qualities. This process of re-inscribing writing into physical reality highlights how both language and perception both function as a screen between ourselves and others, and between ourselves and our desires.

My interest in the interdependence between perception and the psyche is also played out within installations that establish a corporeal and spatial correspondence between the viewer and the artwork. These entail the construction of situations that prompt a determined experiential response from the viewer rather than the mere display of sculptural forms. Thus the role of the viewer is key to my work. A recurring motif in this, is that of keeping him or her within a voyeuristic position. In my work, flirtation is often used as a strategy aimed at playing with expectation, disillusion and futility in the aim of opening up sites of psychological and social indeterminacy.



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