Callum Monteith

b. 1988, Edinburgh


When we are more connected with nature, we are more connected with ourselves; and it is how we understand the self, as part of us, through our apprehending of the natural world that is my main area of interest. My work aims to highlight and present a collection of ideas that have been inspired by my research trips to locations that in some way hold a role in cultivating natural life; this is then combined with my continued interest in theories of phenomenology and the intersection between nature and art.

Working across painting, screen-printing, photography and sculpture, I am interested in the shift between abstraction and representation in order to explore our understanding perception in absorbing the world that we live in. I attempt to use material and formal elements from the locations of where I visit as inspiration for the direction and presentation of work, combining these visual tools with particular strands of philosophical theory that can be expressed through the physical outcome. Through my work, I aim to explore the relationships between nature and art; and how we as the axis for these relationships means that our endeavor is to better understand ourselves.



  • Urplfanze
  • The Metamorphosis of Plants
  • Being and Nothingness I
  • The Sight of Darkness
  • Reflective Nature I
  • Reflective Nature II