Alex Tedlie-Stursberg


Working with assemblage using various forms of cultural iconography and material appropriation, Stursberg's practice looks at relationships of value in society, demonstrating their interconnectivity and mutual dependency.

Possessing a background as a community worker and educator, Stursberg is also an involved arts community member and organizer. He has developed a range of group exhibitions, publications, dialogue based events, and participatory social gatherings. He frequently collaborates with his friends and peers and has exhibited his work in a variety of contexts in galleries and venues across North America and Europe.


Focusing on the base material of copper, my research this year has led me into a multifaceted investigation around this resource's complex social history and how it impacts our world today. Of particular relevance to present art market circumstances, I have been exploring the different ways that this resource helped to fund the modern Western art world.

What's in my Pockets? is a multi-layered 6 screen video installation, featuring a topical narrative, psychedelic rock musical score, and imagery appropriated from It is presented in tandem with a range of sculptural, assemblage, and textile based reflections on this topic.

Looking specifically at the economic and political events surrounding the Chilean coup-d’état of 1973, my new work examines how the funding of art in one place, can ironically be related to its death in another.

Music: Los Jaivas (1971-Valparaiso Public Television)

Sound Assistance: Evan Hardy

A limited edition mix-tape compiled by the artist titled Before the Coup is available as a gift for attendees of the GSA MFA exhibition 2016.

This mix-tape is also available for free download and streaming on SoundCloud



  • A Real Boy
  • Brazen Sea
  • Brazen Bull
  • Before the Coup
  • Exhibition view