Vigdis Storsveen


Over the past nine years Vigdis Storsveen (Norway) has been invited to exhibit at home and abroad (USA, France, Portugal, Denmark, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia), marking a shift from gallery exhibition to works in the public domain.

On several occasions she has been invited to undertake commissioned work at Henie Onstad Art Centre. She has also exhibited at the Nobel Peace centre and the Norwegian Opera house during the CODA international dance festival. For the last two years she has been based in Glasgow, which has resulted in a new direction in her work.


A key part of my approach is to employ different strategies and methods of enquiry. I present this in both two and three dimensions where the work sits uncomfortably between photography, installation, sculptural volumes and the site-specific. My latest work is about the disturbance of conventional identity and cultural concepts. Thematically the work is concerned with an attempt to visualise, materialize and contest the ways in which what we see, hear, feel, and say, is shaped by gendered social norms. I explore the relationships between human consciousness and experience, trying to trace a sensibility; something balanced between the failed, the abject and the humorous. The works are psychologically charged situations in which our position in relation to allowing ourselves to be controlled or to take control ourselves is addressed. I aim to create situations of unfolding narrative where the viewer’s gaze makes the division between the personal and the political hard to decipher.



Vigdis on Vimeo

  • But this my masculine usurped attire (in the degree show)
  • Conceal me what I am, and be my aid. For such disguise as haply shall become. The form of my intent.
  • Untitled, (MDF, latex #1)
  • Untitled
  • Untitled (Pillow, wax)
  • Untitled