Stephen Murray


Over the last ten years Stephen Murray has been exhibiting, undertaking residencies, developing and running projects nationally and internationally. Both, through his solo, collaborative practice and as a founder member of the creative collective - GANGHUT.

Some places where Murray has been exhibiting include – The Collective, The Embassy, The Changing Room, Generator Projects, Dundee Contemporary Arts, East Street Arts, Intermeadia, Spike Island, Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Battersea Arts Centre, The Model, Next Wave Festival.

This activity has taken shape in straight up gallery shows with drawings and sculptures. Research residencies and visiting Folly sights around the UK. Learning on the job how to build and engineer timber frame structures and demountable transportable buildings. Casting bronze and setting fire to himself (unintentionally). Teaching, technician-ing, assisting and fabricating. Forming a band and raising pigs.


Through making and remaking of materials and objects I am developing a series of objects that relate directly to my basic engagement and thinking around contemporary culture, society and value both materially, politically and viscerally. The manufacturing process by myself is often left visible either through mark or traces of the hand and the material is often reclaimed from its first use in different industries, art, manufacturing or energy. Object, text and support are all interchangeable both physically and conceptually and with my current work the viewer is elemental in the activation of the work, rather than prescriptive. The work is digestible.



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  • Common Wealth Games - Sunday Brunch Sesh (fairtrade, 95% pork, century eggs)
  • Common Wealth Games - Sunday Brunch Sesh (fairtrade, 95% pork, century eggs)