Keeley Marie Stitt


Keeley Marie Stitt was born in Atlanta, GA, USA. She was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Art and Art Education from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2006 and worked as a public school art educator for the following five years.

The artist is based between Chicago, IL USA and Glasgow, Scotland UK.


My practice is underpinned by my experiences of labour as an art educator and examines the notions of gender, community, communication and commodity. These concepts are interpreted through my curatorial practice, relational objects, participatory installations and ‘pedagogic projects’.



  • HECAD Model
  • Higher Education Corporation, A dematerialized course for postmodern learners
  • Higher Education Corporation <em>A dematerialized course for postmodern learners</em>
  • Higher Education Corporatio, A dematerialized course for postmodern learners