Allison Gibbs


Allison Gibbs (b. 1978) is an Australian artist based in Glasgow. She completed her BFA(Hons) at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia. As part of her MFA Allison spent three months on Erasmus Exchange at The Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, NL.


I found an account of the bungalow recently. It said that all that remained of it were the large stone pillars, the supporting structures. But this was from the 50's or something. I couldn't see it in Googlemaps. The writer commented, in a way that betrays some kind of palpable arousal brought about by the irony of it all, on the ruin's resemblance to a place of sacrifice... But seriously, you built it on a desolate ancient temple, a sacred Marae, yes? Greta had tried to rent it out after the car crash but whoever came to stay at the house moved out again. "Depressing and haunted!" they'd say. Rumours about the tenants were rife, I was back in Berlin at the time, but I heard them. The single woman who committed suicide after three days, the newlyweds who departed after one week...on separate boats. Oh and poor Douglas. Actually he really did get a fright. But of course it burnt down. That was the last of the incidents.


  • Spirits of Ecstasy (Murnau's Death Mask)
  • TAHITI/MONTEREY (googlemaps)
  • Spirits of Ecstasy (Possessions) [extract]
  • Wuhn (temporal facts were speculative) [Macintosh Museum installation view]
  • Spirits of Ecstasy (Murnau's Death Mask) Installation view 1
  • Spirits of Ecstasy (Murnau's Death Mask) Installation view 2