Nils Guadagnin

b. 1985 France

Nils Guadagnin graduated with a Fine Art BA(Hons) in France in 2008. He co-founded and ran the artist space White Office in Tours, France, from 2007 to 2010.

His work focuses on the elements that reveal artistic thought and allow it to exist as such. He is developing a practice that revolves around physical as well as mental spatial notions that lie somewhere in between the material and the immaterial.

Working mostly with sculpture, Nils also uses a large range of media to question perceptions of our surrounding context.

Making reference to art history as well as contemporary culture, he employs a mixed language to engage a direct relation with the viewer through the different layers of meaning contained in the works that create links beyond the artistic field.



  • Oblivion Monument and You look great when I'm not there
  • You look great when I'm not there and Fade to Grey
  • Engram
  • Oblivion Monument (partI)
  • Oblivion Monument (partII)
  • Untilted