Minka Stoyanova

Artist Statement

In light of some contemporary zeitgeist, I utilize a methodology of recursion to investigate the intersection of the virtual and physical. The work is a self-referential chimera; it seeks a precipitous balance between science, pop-culture, chaos, and revolution.


Minka Stoyanova is from New Orleans, Louisana. She spent six years as an emergency manager in the United States Air Force, where her ultimate failure was to never perfect escape from The Pillar of Autumn without the use of weaponry. She achieved a Bachelors in the Arts from the University of New Orleans (Photography) and a Bachelors of Science (Internet Applications and Media Arts) from Tulane University whilst finally mastering Bowser's Castle - admittedly 16 years late.

She is a founder and co-director of the Unfinished Picture Project, has exhibited internationally, and is an active member of various collectives and initiatives in Glasgow and New Orleans.

A revolutionary optimist and expert procrastinator, Minka subscribes to Wheaton's Law, believes that brie and red wine will solve most of life's problems, and cannot find time to care that Angry Birds are now in space.

...and now we dance.









Minka Art

  • Identity Crisis
  • 501C14L_M3D14
  • 501C14L_M3D14 (Detail)
  • Duchampian Loop (clip)
  • Trivialized (attire: A Personal Elephant, 1 year sexual diary in knit)
  • Objectified (attire: A Personal Elephant, 1 year sexual diary in knit)