Kyle Channing Smith

Artist Statement

People are difficult. Life is awkward. I like to look at those insignificant, everyday moments when we're forced to deal with others. How do I behave? Why do I behave that way? Do I say something or not? Are you feeling as awkward as I am? Am I over-thinking things? What are you thinking?


Kyle was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, but has had adventures in many exotic places since then. (Exotic to someone from Indiana, anyway.) Some things she's accomplished: a BA in English from Indiana University, a BFA in Photography from Herron School of Art & Design, representation and participation in several exhibitions and festivals, successful adoption of a house plant named Herb, and now this MFA thing from The Glasgow School of Art. She's not sure what's next, but thinks that's kind of exciting. And maybe a bit awkward.



  • For the Guy
  • .._ _. _ .. _ ._.. . _..
  • Diagram of a Verbal Pause
  • I'd Invite You But You'd Just Stand Around Looking Awkward
  • Common Courtesy No. 1 and No. 2
  • Correspondence