Josée Aubin Ouellette

b. 06/01/86 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Currently lives in Glasgow

It is never an object's choice to follow us. It is always us who take them. If it were their choice they would stay where they are awaiting a phenomenon that will move them. Their displacement depends on the shifting ground beneath them or on their exchange in a system foreign to them. Appropriation is hinged on the belief that theft is acceptable when it is in the best interest of the object, deemed to be in physical peril or undervalued by its current owners, to be taken. The only thing in an object's power to do if it does not want to be with you is to self destruct.

The Object Manual, 2012



  • Stage Directions: For the Rising Tide, For the Golden Hour, For Moon Time
  • The Fluid Exchange: ovum, milk, and sperm
  • The Store (dissertation excerpt)
  • The Object Theatre Series: Acquisition, Exhibition, Deposition, Conservation, Storage
  • The Story of Architecture
  • Studio Work: 2010-2012