Hyojun Hyun

Artist Statement

I am interested in capturing the fleeting moments of the uncanny as I experience it during my daily life and travels, when it changes familiar scenes into something special. During my stay in Glasgow, the changeable weather allows me to perceive various appearances of the same place. Intervals of sunshine during the many cloudy days in this city allow me to experience stronger sensations of light and colour, in ways different from Seoul. At specific moments during the day in parks, especially when bursts of sunshine reflect upon the ground, on the moss and leaves, a beautiful temporary scene is created as if I were away from the city. I have recently tried to capture these unfamiliar moments and to compose my memories into a pictorial space while meticulously exploring different elements of painterly language.


Hyojun Hyun was born in Mungyeong, South Korea in 1983. He received a BFA in painting in 2009 from the Hong-Ik University, Seoul. He is currently working in Glasgow, UK




  • Disappeared Junkie's Place
  • The Forest in Glasgow's Park I
  • The Forest in Glasgow's Park I (detail)
  • The Forest in Glasgow's Park II
  • Intermission
  • Degree Show View