G. Küng

Artist Statement

Is this a 'picture' or an accumulation of actions? A photogram on fabric is an amalgamation of image, process and material: it can plainly reveal how it was made while at the same time moonlighting as painterly abstraction.

I want my work to operate between being matter-of-fact and mysterious; for instance, how can you make something site-specific yet abstract? I like to make specific decisions that respond to a situation or location but remain oblique in terms of content: metaphor trumps likeness. My practice squares with a wider ethics that advocates experimentation and flexibility, inviting diversion from outside.


G. Küng is from New York City and graduated from The Cooper Union in 2004. Her latest work incorporates the cyanotype process into a practice that includes collaged drawings and site-specific installations. She has exhibited her work in the U.S. and the U.K., with upcoming shows in Glasgow and Basel.

  • As In, As If, As Such
  • As In, As If, As Such
  • As In, As If, As Such
  • Serac
  • Minutes
  • Minutes (detail)