Claire Moore

Cultural memorization is an activity occurring in the present, in which the past is continuously modified and re-described even as it continues to shape the future. Neither remnant nor relic of the past, cultural memory, for better or worse, links the past to the present and future.

I think that painting is important. I see it as being intrinsically linked to cultural memory and an ideal medium to link the past to the present.

The memorial presence of the past takes many forms and serves many purposes, ranging from nostalgic longing for what is lost to polemical use of the past to reshape the present. The paintings I make deal with both of these aspects, and serve as a longing and a warning as well as an active means or reshaping the past. Cultural recall and nostalgia are not merely something of which you happen to be a bearer but something that you actually perform, even if, in many instances, such acts are not conscious or wilful.


  • Polish Cavalry Charge 1939 (after Friedrich)
  • Polish Cavalry Charge 1939 (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. version, after GSC Game World 2007)
  • Easter Lilies and Shadow V
  • Timothy and Nicholas Mountbatten
  • Alexi Romanov
  • Perchino Borzoi