Blake Peterson

Blake has an absolute commitment to "the narrative." His pieces are dedicated to the exploration and value of various narrative structures, which engage larger themes. The common thread within his practice (which includes printmaking, video installation, photography, and textiles) is the withholding of information in order to balance the explicit and the implicit and actively engage the viewer with the work.

Prior to attending the GSA Blake earned his BA in Psychology from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. After graduating, he earned his postgraduate certificate in Entrepreneurship & studied printmaking at the University of Iowa. During his time in Iowa City, he founded the arts-based business, the Grocery.

His work has been been a part of several shows in Glasgow, Scotland, and has been exhibited in: San Francisco, California; Washington, D.C; Chicago, Illinois; Fargo, North Dakota; Evansville, Indiana; Iowa City, Iowa and Des Moines, Iowa.


  • Chit-Chat Tummy [Collaboration with Zoe Phillips]]
  • Zoe (San Francisco)
  • And I Hope It Never Stops
  • Lost Sheep in Glasgow [Collaboration with Zoe Phillips]
  • Trans-Atlantic
  • Sheepish [Jen; Iowa City]