If you're reading this the chances are you weren't there which is a bit crap 'cos it was really good again. But now it's over sorry mate. You can't win really 'cos even if you were there you weren't really there d'you understand what I'm saying? What I mean is there's always going to be a lot of stuff you don't get. It's nothing to sweat about no-one gets all of it none of us. What's the point? If you get all of it there's nothing left is there? Let's face it a lot of it was left behind anyway but. Didn't make the cut so to speak. Every picture tells a story right but there's more to it than meets the eye they say. Two years now we've been working on this stuff in one way or another talking and arguing and restarting and surprising. Should it be a bit longer or a bit redder what d'you think? You're definitely having a laugh no. Don't look at me mate you're the one that made the feckin' thing. All of us scratching our heads about some old philosopher who's dead anyway so what? Anyone seen the drill it was there a minute ago the Makita? Is it relevant to the Euro crisis and the Greek economy or the Middle East which is what someone might think. It reminds me of something else that I think I saw in a book or a magazine or a show or a film or on TV or somewhere. No I don't think so I think not I disagree and see it like this. Oh really? Who left that by the fire exit after the email telling you not? How much! Not until later today I'm afraid maybe tomorrow. It was we all agreed a bit of a winner. But progress and process are not something you can hang on a wall very easily. Anyone want a cup of tea? Hello, MFA. Quality!

John Calcutt
Acting Programme Leader