Tori Drost


I am interested in exploring ways in which our perceptions of nature and the landscape are influenced by popular culture. My research has involved looking at sources ranging from apocalyptic fiction and horror films, to urban planning and geography. Working primarily in the areas of painting, drawing, and sculpture, I use various mediums and materials to explore subjects such as disaster, dystopia, and the tension between the urban and natural worlds.


Tori Drost was born 1985, in Ontario, Canada. She graduated in 2007 from the University of Guelph, Ontario with a Bachelor of Art in Studio Art and Art History. She currently lives and works in Glasgow.




  • Bog Leak
  • Ecotopia
  • Industrial 3 (Garscube)
  • Fence
  • Black Bear Room (Faux Natural History Series)
  • Bathtub Moose (Faux Natural History Series)