Sybren Renema

In submitting to the public eye the following collection, I have not only to combat the difficulties that writers of verse generally encounter, but may incur the charge of presumption for obtruding myself on the world, when, without doubt, I might be, at my age, more usefully employed.

These productions are the fruits of the lighter hours of a young man who has lately completed his nineteenth year. As they bear the internal evidence of a boyish mind, this is, perhaps, unnecessary information.

- Lord Byron, in his Preface to Hours of Idleness (1807)

It is probable that Leonardo's play-instinct vanished in his maturer years, and that it too found its way into the activity of research which presented the latest and highest expansion of his personality. But its long duration can teach us how slowly anyone tears himself from childhood if in his childhood days he has enjoyed the highest erotic bliss, which is never again attained.

- Sigmund Freud, in Leonardo Da Vinci (1909)



  • Archipelago T-shirts (for Armchair Travelers)
  • Flying Above the Clouds
  • Untitled (Museum/Mausoleum)
  • One for you, one for me
  • diptych (the silence of God)
  • Sketch for Elective Affinities (Stanley)