Jocelyn Villemont


Jocelyn's new myths, objects, stories come from other cultures, most of the time escaping from the dark age of subcultures like rock music, bikers, mods, surf, club culture... because they reverse the real and enclose mysteries in which he finds a fertile ground.

Revealing the ritual, magical and mystical potential of certain objects by means of appropriation or through a more conceptual process, Jocelyn's pieces propose a personal vision in which popular culture and history are no longer the ones we knew.


Jocelyn Villemont (1986) is a French Glasgow-based artist. He has recently been selected for The 56th Salon de Montrouge in Paris and New Work Scotland Programme 2011 at Collective Gallery (Edinburgh). Since 2009 Jocelyn has also been half of the curator duo It's Our Playground, with Camille Le Houezec.



It's our Playground


  • The Troublemakers
  • Stoned Happy Face
  • Magic Blanket
  • Pantheon (Evel knievel)
  • Tribute to the Sun