Jason Mathis


My work is all about the gutters, about the spaces between an art piece and its audience. It's in this space that the acceptance, provocation, or rejection of an idea takes place. And it's the relationship between audience and object that creates the true reality of an art work. Whether it's a painting, a comic strip, or a drawing, I'm seeking to utilize the inference of the viewer to make the narrative unfold.


Jason completed his undergraduate degree in 2003, earning a BFA in painting from the Alberta College of Art. Studying on exchange at the Montserrat College of Art in 2001-02, he travelled extensively through the NE US and made his first trip to Paris. After finishing his degree, he maintained a studio practice in Calgary, Canada until coming to the Glasgow School of Art's MFA Programme in September of 2009. Jason enjoys being part of the arts community, making things like drawings or paintings (sometimes videos), and thinks that there's nothing better than a good wine in the company of friends. He's acutely aware of how lucky he is to live the life that he's living and looks forward to what comes tomorrow. It's gonna be great, right?




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  • I've Got Something So Elusive (to the naked eye) - [detail]
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