Danielle Abbiate


My conceptual focus lies in the constructs of my surroundings and I have recently been exploring the meaning of 'place' within the urban environment on a large scale. Identity is key when conceptualizing spatial-temporal reasoning and my aim is to offer visual dilemmas for the viewer when faced with abstract alternate expressions specific to place. Borders no longer exist. A refusal to see the edges in the lines; in-between things that most of us think keep life manageable, I strive to eliminate. The result may be chaos in a physical world seemingly under control with its constant metamorphosis and layering of time, providing systems and operations for the urban public to consume and accept without question.


Born in New Jersey USA, Danielle received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY (2008), and is achieving her Masters in Fine Arts at the Glasgow School of Art (2011). Danielle is an inter-disciplinary artist working primarily in 2D form with a strong background in traditional printmaking methods.



  • Dark Matter I
  • Dark Matter II
  • Dark Matter III
  • General Relativity I
  • General Relativity II
  • General Relativity III