Emily Donnini


Emily Donnini, (born 1984) is an artist currently working and studying in Glasgow. She was born in East Tennessee and received her BA from Greensboro College. After receiving a Post-Baccalaureate degree from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston she began her MFA at Glasgow School of Art.


Emily Donnini’s practice explores the room for fluctuation within the study of understanding, hermeneutics, through its simultaneous relationship to antiquity and contemporary methodology and technology. She achieves a nonhierarchical reading of information, codes, and texts by taking a more playful role in the utilization of this tradition. Tampering with history, Emily making plausible narratives with falsified information, playing on the expectations of a collective consciousness.

From embedding the rings of a vinyl record into a carved boulder to cataloguing information from Google through the construction of hand-made paper models, Emily Doninni utilizes a wide array of materials and mediums. Her various materials suggest alternative histories or understandings of the world manifest in individual and temporal experience. By working with information containers such as Internet search engine statistics, phonetics of languages, and the fringes of sound technology a disruption of proximities and distances emerges. Often, Emily’s work is drawn to the failures within these systems, the futility and impossibility (impracticality) of preservation becomes a confrontation with the limits of the known.



  • Structures (a collection)
  • Structures (a collection) Detail
  • Stone Record
  • Stone Record  (Detail)
  • Digital Neither (an international google search)