Deniz Uster

b. 1981, Istanbul

Deniz Uster is an international artist based in Glasgow. She studied her undergraduate degree in Painting and Drawing, and had her MA in Visual Arts, in Istanbul. She has recently completed her MFA studies in Glasgow School of Art.

Deniz's work often implies a process of transmutation, through the language of alchemy. However, different from the sublimity of Hermeticism, her works transform the valuable, the profitable into the futile and the useless. In these works, she utilises rituals, and Anatolian Turkish Folklore, hybridised with the antithetic nature of Scotland, where she feeds from both its industrial spectacle and its scenic beauty. Therefore the nature of her work is highly contradictive, fictional and intentionally fake in appearance.

As a product of this mixture, her hybrids have begun to form around the monstrous, not as an aberrant category, but as the very circumstance of existence. In these works, she intends to demonstrate in what ways monsters, these ambiguous figures, involve a reconfiguration of relationships between bodies, cultures and all embodied selves.




  • about a factory
  • a machine or an ifrit
  • being an ear guest to a gossip
  • egg washing machine
  • said and put
  • hide the straw, wait for its time