Shelly Nadashi

b.1981, Haifa, Israel

Shelly's activity is multi-disciplinary, ranging from video making to live performances, from sound design to puppetry and text. Her work is often satiric; describing power struggles between women and objects as well as scenarios of constant search for control. She explores extensively the active-passive relationship between the human performer and the still object, with a special interest in the personification of inanimate objects.

Shelly studied at The School for Visual Theatre, Israel's leading institute for the study of experimental live art practices and has developed experience and interest in a variety of media as well as a strong dedication for the exploration of time based arts. She has exhibited and performed internationally including at the Ramat Hasharon biannual for young Israeli artists, Glasgow International festival, the Embassy gallery, the Magdeburg puppetry festival, the Plateaux festival for performance, Arches Live! Festival, Low Salt gallery, Fools in Print publication and more.


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