Nicolas Party

b. 1980 Switzerland

Nicolas' practice, pursues primarily the practice of painting and drawing. In his painting work, mood is often navigated crookedly through a sense of humor. Style and idiom are varied and unpredictable. Concerns with genre, convention and artifice have been a constant in Nicolas' work, as part of an interrogation of the language of painting and the nature of aesthetic experience.

Nicolas' pratice also involve a lot of collaborative project including his curated projects including the SweetGeranium project based in his MFA studio in Glasgow. Over the pass year SweetGeranium has produced a number of exhibitions primarily with and for GSA students and presented in Nicolas Party's studio. The objective being: an experimentation combing curatorial and collaborative strategies in the context of the ongoing work environment of his studio. As collaborator and host to the visiting artists he employs certain rules and requirements perhaps not necessarily established at the onset of a project, but present themselves as it expands collaboratively.



  • Still life with a green ribbon