Matt Collier

"the belief inherited from medieval science, that the man who managed to separate the different natures tightly bound together during his existence would succeed in freeing within himself the profound sense of life"

My work at present is caught between a history of observational knowledge of the body, towards something far more fantastical. In particular, documentation and its depiction of anatomical and botanical references, inspired by the potential they offer- in science, or in exclusive speculation. Advanced scenarios in science ask the 'what if' question, offering the promise of life to become excessively beautiful, or something truly ominous.

Diagrams and illustrations offer a propositional status, at the same time as being utterly subjective. The manipulative powers of geometry has always had difficulty dealing with the organic. I am interested in playing with fixed distinctions, challenging certain existential hierarchies.



Tel: +44 (0) 7747 076056

  • Diagram IIa (‘florid’)
  • Untitled (Human spleen, dog digestive apparatus, horse biceps brachii and deltoidus, amorphalus titanus fower.)
  • B.B.B.
  • Seasonal Variation