Kate V Robertson

I am concerned with ideas of the existential or futile, particularly in relation to ideology, communication and progress. My work addresses failure and disappointment, in a variety of ways, often referring to cultural or political history. Sometimes the work performs failure, by deliberately malfunctioning or miscommunicating, and other times it has a metaphorical or allegorical relationship to the subject matter.

My work is often temporary, ephemeral or temperamental. Unpredictability, experimentation and the possibility of failure are very much a part of the process. Recently, my work has been predominantly sculptural, but I have a varied practice - encompassing video, audio, performance, found objects, images and text.

I often work on a combination of pieces, often featuring some durational or animated elements, and I also undertake work outside of gallery spaces, simultaneously with exhibition work. My offsite projects involve public interventions, anonymous sculptures, barely visible images or incidentally encountered moments.


tel: +44 (0)7881 713 687



  • Indefinite Flame
  • His Masters Voice
  • Various Titles
  • Orate