Jack McLean

b. 1962, Glasgow, Scotland
Lives & works in Tokyo, Japan

"Censoring human errors and vices- although it seems the preserve of oratory and poetry- may also be a worthy object of painting. As a subject appropriate to his work, he has selected from the multitude of stupidities and errors common to every civil society, and from the ordinary obfuscations and lies condoned by custom, ignorance, or self- interest, those he has deemed most fit to furnish material for ridicule, and at the same time to exercise the author's imagination."
Francisco Goya Lucientes (1746-1828)

Selected solo exhibitions

A.R.T. Gallery, Tokyo Japan 2005
Ibsen 2006 Peer Gynt, United Nations Gallery, Tokyo Japan 2006
Black Line Glamour, Elissa Cristall Gallery, Vancouver Canada 2007

Selected group exhibitions

The beautiful game, Roebling Hall Gallery, New York 2006
What war? White Box Gallery, New York 2006
Ibsen 2006 Peer Gynt, Hanagar Arts Centre, Cairo Egypt 2006


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Jack McLean

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