Christian Newby

b. Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Most of my work revolves around the use of theatre or at least a limited presentation of spatial representation that allows the films, drawings and sculptures to work in chorus with one another neutralizing any kind of revolving narrative structure into various tableaux of ambience, ambiguity, form and language. What I'm attempting here is to create a liminal space consisting of a poetic or imaginary environment but rooted in its execution as a constructed spectacle but conceived and viable in reality, as well as performing a more psychologically driven, inner theatre of the self, one that openly allows viewer association and malleable connotations. I wish to maintain and remind the viewer that these are people performing simple, yet strange tasks. Magic lies within these acts as documentation of an event for a kind of ritual; the objects used on screen or in real space are props to facilitate a potent and vulnerable psychological space.




  • Kromvex Mirror
  • Lovely Morning
  • Live at Pompeii I
  • Live at Pompeii III