Benjamin Rush

Much of my fieldwork seeks to understand issues of vision, communication and mediation. The results have, in various outcomes, examined the tautology of fandom (people trying on the persona of their favorite song and posting it on and the omniscience of networked web cameras by presenting an amalgamated, real-time view of our globe. Of the issues at stake one is reminded of Marshall McLuhan's "The medium is the message" which calls us to look beyond the content and instead at the suppositions of the media itself. But I wish to look deeper still, into the fundamental impulse to communicate and seek information. Is there yet another curtain behind the wizard, and what would be found behind it? Perhaps there we would see that part of ourselves which dictates the method by which we are able communicate at all. Perhaps here we will face the gate through which all of our desires to express and our yearning to know must pass. Every message, from the warning of impending danger to a two-for-one offer on stockings, is drawn thought this needle. From the mental projection of the world I believe to live in -- to you -- and perhaps back.


  • Folly
  • Study in Peripheral Vision
  • Cover Me: 'Come On Take It'
  • OpenEye