Anna Tanner

In my practice I create a schism between the contrived structure of our urban, domestic and cultivated natural environments and that of the allusive, where consciousness becomes aware of the periphery and encapsulates phenomena such as hallucinations. Within schisms, mutations of language, shifts in scale, and fluxations in time occur.

Recent works have focused on conflating imagery of mythological wild men (Sasquatch, The Yeti, Nookta) and their modern equivalents (vigilantes, explorers) with settings and objects taken from mundane contemporary urban, domestic and cultivated environments. For example in 'Money' a Houseplant is presented with a Vigilante, the scale of the two has been cast into doubt.

The images Investigate how man can find ways to prove and exhibit bravery in a world in which so little of the natural landscape is left undiscovered, cultivated or urbanized.

  • Cactus
  • Money Plant and Baldknobber
  • Night Fishin
  • The Storm