Anna Henson

My practice is cross-disciplinary, blending visual art with theatre, dance, music, and film. During my time in the MFA I have explored what it means to work collaboratively, and to be a director. I have collaborated with the Scottish composer Kirsty Blackwood for the past two years, and together we have created both live performance and video works with actors, dancers, opera singers, and other musicians. In February we received a Creative Lab residency with Dance House to develop a new work, and in March we premiered this work at The Arches in Glasgow. The 10-minute film, As It Was Between Them, is an extension of the ideas and content of this live work, and investigates an intersection between cinematic and theatrical space and functionality.

Anna Henson was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Before coming to the UK, she completed her undergraduate degree in fine art and psychology in Iowa, USA.


  • As It Was Between Them
  • As It Was Between Them
  • King of the Abyss (translated)
  • It's a Queen's Christmas!