Amelia Bywater

b. 1980

Amelia studied her undergraduate in New Zealand, and now currently lives and works in Glasgow.

Through the manipulation of found images and objects, my work is concerned with the processes of rediscovery, collecting, and re-appropriation in an attempt to understand the associative value and experience of these objects, which, through interventions, are given new values. In this process of translation, I am interested in the idea of two things coming together and what happens at the point they meet - or in the gaps between them. There can be a presence in this gap, a gap that the viewer can occupy and begin to construct associations from the information that is presented, exploring issues of narrative to consider the movement from information to a constructed story. Attempts are made to eschew logical organisational approaches in order to create new modes of communication as objects and images are redefined in their relationship to each other. My work often borders ideas of visual perception to offer suggestions of alternative modes of perception and communication.

  • A translation from object to image
  • Untitled
  • Untitled
  • Untitled (modern landscape)