Levi Hanes

Levi Hanes’ work is concerned with finding the charm in the mundane, the broken, the façade, and the misused. It is a bit sad, a bit happy, a bit tragic, a bit nothing, and inevitably something. While attempting the heroic, the stoic, the bold, and the beautiful the structures and the medium rhetorically expand beyond their means and collapse, somewhat comically, and lamely. What separates these pieces from the ironic or mockery of the mediums or subject matter is the genuine effort of the artist trying to make something work: To evoke sensation, emotion and thought.

Levi was born in Oregon, USA 1977; raised in Juneau, Alaska and Washington State; received a Fine Arts Degree from the Clark Honors College, University of Oregon 2001; co-developed and directed The Warehouse Portland, Oregon 2001-2003; coordinated and curated group shows, played rock music, wrote online art reviews for Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, and exhibited.


Email: levi.hanes@gmail.com